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All About Heaters: Get To Know Heater Rentals

Although its still mid summer, our Kar Equipment crew in all locations have been busy performing yearly maintenance on our heaters set to go out on rent in October. Heater rentals in the oil & gas industry typically keep Kar Equipment busier than we can keep up with, especially through that very unpredictable weather season in Texas this past year!

Kar Equipment offers multiple different heater sizes and brands for your job. We frequently use Allmand Heaters and Whacker Neuson heaters at 1,000,000 btu, with indirect flame for the most efficient operations. Our technicians and field supervisors are highly trained to service these heaters daily, and even troubleshoot these and other brands if you currently own a towable heater but need it serviced regularly.

Heater season begins in full force in Colorado and New Mexico in October, with Oklahoma and Texas following closely behind. Are you looking for towable heater rentals for your 2022-2023 operating season? We highly encourage outreach to Kar Equipment so your equipment rental is guaranteed for your winter season. We offer 24/7 servicing with all our packages, and daily rates include 24 hour run-time. None of this 8 hour day, 12 hour day nonsense. You rent equipment, you can operate it 24 hours for that daily rate!

Contact Kar Equipment Today to reserve your towable heater rentals.

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