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Equipment Support During Natural Disasters

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Not many times do we encounter personal reasons to need emergency equipment. Unfortunately, during the week of July 18th, our family needed the support of Kar Equipment, other rental companies, and emergency services. In our hometown, a fire ravaged the terrain straight to our family's home, and many others in Oklahoma. Water trucks for miles assembled to help control the fire, men and women came to monitor the property line, and Oklahoma emergency services worked tirelessly to save our family's property and many others. Unfortunately, some properties were lost, and families near Duncan must rebuild, but thankfully, our community and equipment rental companies near Duncan prevented this from being a more extreme loss.

Kar Equipment is more than an oilfield equipment rental company. We are more than a service. We are a family, a community, and a support system. In times of need, Kar Equipment employees scrambled to help the community and our family, other rental companies brought water trucks and workforce to fight the power of nature, emergency services worked tirelessly to keep everyone safe, and our God blessed us with another day and safety.

When you partner with Kar Equipment, you received more than an equipment rental. You receive a family. You get top-quality equipment, but top-quality people. You receive a bond and trust to last a lifetime. When our community came together for us, we knew we were in the right industry. Oil & gas equipment rentals are our income, but oil & gas people are our family.

Thank you for saving our family and our home.


The Reed Family

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